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"I just wanted to tell you that I woke up today (after a 3 day cleanse) feeling better than I have in years. A lot of spring in my step now! Thanks again Bodhi Cleanse" - Nicole C.
”I loved it! I thought I would struggle and be hungry, but I wasn’t at all. The night cap was absolutely amazing, I want to drink it every night!” - Catrina Howard
“Most amazing organic, cold pressed juices today thanks to Bodhi Cleanse. The Morning elixir tastes so refreshing with the most amazing blend of coconut water, lemon, ginger, turmeric and a hint of chili!” - Annie Smith (Model, Azalea Models Instagram @anniessmith)
“After 8 days on the Bodhi Cleanse juice cleanse I am feeling fab and I am still looking forward to these two babies! (Glow and Night Cap) My two favourites by far! I definitely recommend these guys if you are looking for cold pressed, organic, juice cleanse in Adelaide. Super healthy, super delicious, super friendly service to your door, what more could you want?” -  Alana Beames


South Australian Style

Bodhi Cleanse Features in the Summer issue of SA Style Magazine!
'I've never gone on a 'juice cleanse' before and I didn't really know how I would cope not eating solid foods for a few days, but I can honestly say the 3-day Bodhi Cleanse kept me full and content.'
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Bodhi Cleanse featured in the Advertisers SA Weekend Magazine on Saturday January 9!

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Glam Adelaide

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"We loved the one day juice cleanse from Bodhi Cleanse. A great SA business with a great product!"
- Kelly Noble, Glam Adelaide.


The Day I did a Juice Cleanse

I’ve had an interest in detoxes and juice cleanses for a while, but I’ve never attempted one…

Until now.

Feeling like the festive season had gotten the best of me and with many events still on the social calendar, I figured there was no time like the present and so, on a Friday afternoon I placed my order for a One Day Juice Cleanse from Bodhi Cleanse.

Sunday evening rolled around and while I was busy tapping away on my keyboard writing blog posts for the week ahead, I heard a knock at my front door. My juices were hand delivered in lovely glass bottles with some cute paper straws, a jar of Fibre Cleanse and an instruction booklet.

It was all becoming very real.

I savoured every last bite of my dinner, slowly sipped my cup of herbal tea enjoyed with a side of The Real Housewives of Melbourne (followed by their Beverly Hills counterparts) and then drifted off to sleep…

Bodhi Cleanse 1 Day Juice Cleanse |

The Morning

6.00am: My alarm sounds and I hit snooze.

6.10am: My alarm sounds and I hit snooze.

6.20am: My alarm sounds and I hit snooze.

6.30am: My alarm sounds and my first thought is, ‘better get up now’ followed by, ‘whatever you do, don’t eat anything’. So I get up, take Amalfi for a walk, have a shower and get ready for work.

7.30am: I’m secretly grateful that my husband is interstate for work, which means there are no smells of freshly ground coffee or delicious warm toast to tempt me away from my first juice – Morning Elixir (coconut water, lemon, ginger, turmeric and chilli). It has a zing to it which catches me off guard at the first sip, but by the time I finish it I’ve quite enjoyed it.

8.45am: I walk into work and remind everyone I’m doing a juice cleanse, so please keep all yummy smelling food away from me. It’s going to be a long day.

10.00am: I’m so hungry and feeling a bit light headed as I’m such a breakfast girl – I never skip it. I can hear my colleague’s muesli bar wrapper making a rustling sound. I contemplate having some of the Fibre Cleanse in water to tie me over, but it’s nearly time for my second juice so I have a glass of water and distract myself with a few tasks until…

10.30am: It’s juice time!” I proclaim as I stride enthusiastically to the fridge in the staff kitchen. Next up is the Green Dream (cucumber, apple, spinach and lime). It’s a refreshing and easy to drink concoction. I sip this one. Extra. Sloooowly.

The Afternoon

12.15pm: My colleagues are starting to take their lunch breaks. My next juice is over an hour away, so I think I might just get out in the sunshine and go for a walk, carefully avoiding the Adelaide Central Market or any other food-like temptations. I hit up Priceline instead and buy another nail polish because a girl can never have too many, right?!

12.45pm: I have a bit of a headache – nothing major – so drink a couple of glasses of water and that seems to help.

1.30pm: Juice o’clock! It’s time for Heart Beets (carrot, celery, beetroot and ginger). This actually used to be my Monday juice of choice until one day I had a migraine and threw it up. Picture that if you will. Ick. Needless to say, you can understand why I’d been avoiding it ever since. I’m glad I’ve gotten back on the horse – so to speak – because it really is a yummy juice and so very good for your blood and kidneys.

3.00pm: I’d usually be making a cup of tea and enjoying a little snack about this time, but not today. I’m beginning to miss my tea making ritual even more so than food, but I remind myself – it’s only for one day and I chose to do this, so get over it princess. Instead, I mix the Fibre Cleanse (Slippery Elm bark and Psyllium husks) in a glass of water and that seems to stave off any hunger pains.

4.30pm: Juice #4 is go – Afternoon Delight (cucumber, carrot, kale and lemon). It’s a real zingy number that gives me a boost of energy to get through the rest of the day.

The Evening

5.30pm: I get home from work and get changed into my gym gear to take Amalfi for a walk.

6.15pm: I feed Amalfi his dinner and settle in for some blogging until it’s time for the next juice.

7.30pm: Dinner time! Haha, just kidding, it’s another juice. This time it’s Glow (carrot, spinach, apple and mint). To be totally honest, I’m sick of sipping juices by this stage but soldier through. I really like the mint in this juice and pretend I’m having a lovely fresh Vietnamese salad.

8.00pm: I wonder why the hell I’m torturing myself by watching My Kitchen Rules (but can’t look away), so I partially distract myself with Pinterest. No food pictures.

10.00pm: I take the advice of one of my followers and warm up the final juice of the day, the Night Cap (cashew mylk, date, ginger, clove and cardamom) in a saucepan on the stovetop. This takes me back to my childhood and the warm Milo my mum used to prepare for me on the stovetop. A bit of a lost art really. It’s creamy and satisfying with a hint of sweetness. Even Amalfi wants in on it! A lovely way to end my juicy day.

Bodhi Cleanse 1 Day Juice Cleanse |

The Verdict

I survived!

In all seriousness, it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done but it also wasn’t the most difficult. I kept reminding myself that it was only one day and I was ingesting a heck of a lot of wonderful fruit, vegetables and herbs – vitamin hits aplenty – which was doing my insides the world of good.

I think the day would have been a whole lot easier if I was at home. I actually think about food much less on the weekends, because I’m always on the move, always on the go and always doing something. When you work in an office and you’re chained to your desk (so to speak) for eight hours a day, five days a week, your thoughts inevitably turn to food, especially when there are others in the office heating up amazing smelling leftovers or offering you some afternoon tea.

I finished the day and woke up the next morning with a flatter tummy. I also woke up the next day feeling refreshed (not even hungry!) and felt determined to make healthier food choices – lovely, unexpected bonuses.

Would I do it again? Yes.

I’m not sure I have it in me to do a 3-day or 5-day cleanse (nor am I sure I’d want to), but I’d happily do a 1-day cleanse say 3 or 4 times a year.


This post isn’t sponsored. I paid for the cleanse myself and chose to write about it.

Have you ever done a detox or juice cleanse?

If so, how regularly do you do them?

What’s your favourite juice recipe?



Olivia Jenkins Bodhi Cleanse Review

Naturally, when I found out that Adelaide now had it’s first cold pressed, organic, juice cleanse I jumped at the opportunity to give it a go! I have been desperately wanting to do a juice cleanse to detox my body but had not been able to find the time to do all the prep in my busy schedule.  Que, Bodhi Cleanse.

The incredible and very talented Naturopath, Karina Pike is the genius behind Bodhi Cleanse launching the business as a sub-arm to her Naturopathy clinic, Sowelu Naturopathy in Adelaide.

Bodhi Cleanse use ALL organic fruits and vegetables so you absorb the highest amounts of these precious vitamins and minerals. They package these vitamin packed powerhouses in gorgeous glass bottles each labelled with a number (fool proof for blondes like me) so you know exactly what juice to have when.

Why juice?

  • Boost energy levels
  • Clear, vibrant skin
  • Reduced cellulite (from toxin reduction)
  • Reduced bloating
  • Improved digestive health

Pre Cleanse:

I was smart enough to do my homework before starting the cleanse, even though I eat very healthy normally. Bodhi Cleanse suggest drinking lots of water in the lead up to your cleanse and eating as healthy meals as possible, cutting out as much processed and highly sugared foods as you can.

My two bobs on each juice:


1 – Amazing taste, so zingy! Something to make you want to jump out of bed for! A little zingy but refreshing.


2 – Really organic and fresh, something to keep you from breakfast till lunch. Refreshing, fresh, crisp.


3 – I was really hungry by this stage but this juice was great! The beetroot made it really satisfying.


4 – A green beauty, this one took me from lunch till ‘dinner’. It was really refreshing and gave me energy boost for exercise that evening.


5 – I had this one after Yoga and it tasted great. Satisfying and delicious.


6 – THE BEST. I loved this final one as it made the whole day worthwhile. It was the most satisfying and delicious of the entire day.

Post Cleanse:

I absolutely LOVED the results I noticed after juice cleanse. I even continued to juice at home a few days afterwards and stuck to a vegan diet for another three days. The results I noticed were clearer/brighter skin,  reduction in bloating and clearer thinking.  Cleansing meant that my body had a break from digestion so I felt much healthier overall after the cleanse.

Olivia x

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