We strongly advise against cleansing while you are pregnant or nursing, suffering from any medical condition or taking prescription medication. If you are unsure if the Bodhi Cleanse program is right for you, give us a call or consult your medical provider.

Will I feel light-headed, sick, deprived or odd during a Bodhi Cleanse program?

Everyone is different and we can't tell you exactly how you will feel, but most of our customers report feeling fabulous! All Bodhi Cleanse juices provide enough calories and nutrients to keep your body functioning properly and your energy up. What you may experience is foggy brain or mild, detox headaches during the first day or two. Drink lots of water and rest if you need, these should pass.
There’s also a chance you’ll experience some cravings or a desire for solid food, but you shouldn't feel hungry or deprived during your Bodhi Cleanse program. If you do feel sick and feel as though you need to break your Bodhi Cleanse program, you can certainly do so. Start with adding in some fresh raw veggies or a light salad.

I’ve heard Juice cleanses are full of sugar, is this true?

We’ve put a lot of effort into very carefully selecting each juice on the menu at Bodhi Cleanse to ensure maximum flavour, maximum health benefits and minimum sugars.
You’ll notice there are no ‘fruit juices’ as such on the cleanse. Those that do contain fruits like apples and lemons, contain minimal amounts. It’s about vegetables and vegetable juices predominantly. However, we are aware that earthy flavours aren’t for everyone and for this reason we have sweetened up some of our juices with a piece of fruit. We think our juices taste darn good!
So yes, if you’re doing a ‘cleanse’ using mostly fruit based juices, you’re doing it wrong and you’re likely to do more harm to your blood sugar levels and gut than good.  So cleanse effectively with Bodhi Cleanse.

Is now the right time to cleanse?

There is no "perfect" time to cleanse. Many people choose to cleanse after the ‘silly’ season, before a special event or when they are looking to get their health back on track. Bodhi Cleanse programs may also be incorporated into your lifestyle as part of a long term wellness plan.

How often should I do a Bodhi Cleanse?

How often feels right for you? You may prefer to do one 5 day cleanse every 6 months to a year. Or you may choose to do shorter Bodhi Cleanse programs more regularly. Learn your body, experiment and decide what best suits you.

Is my body getting all the nutrients it needs?

Naturopath Karina Pike has carefully designed the Bodhi Cleanse programs to ensure that you are receiving sufficient nutrients for healthy normal functioning. Our Organic, cold pressed juices contain loads of vitamins and minerals, the nut mylk night cap will provide you with natural fats and protein while the fibre blend will provide you with, well fibre!

What if I can’t start my Bodhi Cleanse program on the date I have chosen?

If for some reason you can’t start your Bodhi Cleans program on the date you have selected, you will need to call us and cancel a MINIMUM 48 HOURS BEFORE DELIVERY. Any cancellations after this time will not be refunded. We appreciate that life often doesn’t work to plan and things come up. However, because our juices are made to order and contain no preservatives, they will only last a maximum 3 days when refrigerated.

Why aren’t Bodhi Cleanse Juices labelled and certified Organic?

We endeavour to always use only organic produce because we feel this is the best quality. However, organic isn’t always available. For this reason you will find information in with your Bodhi Cleanse juices listing all the organic produce we have used. If your note says ‘organic carrots’ you can bet your bottom dollar every last carrot that went into your juice was from a certified organic farmer.

Are Bodhi Cleanse juices gluten free, vegan or nut free?

All of the Bodhi Cleanse cold pressed juices are gluten free, vegan, preservative free and nut free. The nut mylk Night Cap does contain nuts but is gluten free, dairy free, vegan and preservative free.
HOWEVER, all juices and nut mylks are pressed and processed using equipment that may contain traces of gluten, nuts, soy, eggs and dairy.