Cleanse Your Bodhi Retreat - Bodhi Cleanse’s first ever Retreat

So we had this crazy idea that we could run a Juice Cleanse Retreat because there’s never been one before in SA. That was about 9 months ago and nothing really stemmed from it.

Until one day about two months ago, when the idea came up again we thought, all we need is a date and a location and the rest we can organise as time went on. Well, that’s exactly what we did.

We found the beautiful Headland House at Kings Beach, Waitpinga and we picked a weekend to hold our Retreat. We booked it, paid a deposit and set up the link of the Retreat. We posted that we we’re going to be doing this and then quietly shit ourselves (metaphorically)

To skip ahead, 1 week on from holding the Retreat, we’re so glad that we did it. There is nothing in SA like this and you can bet we’ll be doing more of these Retreats.

We then had to get serious about exactly what we’d be offering. We already talked about the sort of things we’d like to see or have on a Retreat ourselves, but we wanted to push the boundaries and give as much value to the people who came along to the Retreat as possible.

Straight away we knew we’d offer a 1 Day Juice Cleanse from Bodhi Cleanse, but what else did we want to offer. Massage and Yoga were a must, what’s a Retreat without Massage and Yoga?

We asked the kind soul, that is Steph Bartlett, if she would like to be the Yoga Instructor for the Retreat. Without hesitation, she said yes! It was a perfect match. Then we asked the amazingly talented Elle from Sowelu Wellness if she’d be keen give our guests a Massage on on the Retreat. Again, straight away Elle said she’d love to.

With these two lovely ladies locked in, the Retreat started to take shape.

From there, we looked at what else could we offer to our guests. Friday night we decided to have a healthy supper for all guests on arrival. After all, this was a Cleanse Retreat. We had Mojo kindly supply us with Friday night drinks, to go alongside the healthy supper. We made some workbooks for all the guests, which they received on arrival, along with a bamboo straw, an Essential Oil Roller Bottle from Kindred Self, a divine piece of amethyst and lots of vouchers.

On Saturday we all cleansed together, including Karina and I. It was only fair for us to cleanse with our guests. Steph arrived, we pushed back some tables and chairs and we all partook in a Yoga Class. It was a great way to start our morning. After that, we ran a Juice Demo. Everyone got to press their own juice which was Green Dream, the second juice of the cleanse that we were all doing. Nothing like a fresh juice right after Yoga to get your day going on the right path.

There were a few breaks throughout the day, where all the guests could have some down time, to read a book, to take a walk, to simply take in all the beautiful views that surrounded us all. Here is where people got to have their Massage too!

We ran multiple Workshops throughout the day. Cleanse Your Home and Bathroom, Cleanse Your Mind and Cleanse Your Diet. These were all interactive Workshops where the guests were taught about how to cleanse everything within your life, not just your health. These were great as they were very informative, relaxed and easy paced and not too School Teacher vs School Student. We’re all adults and we had a great time doing it in this way.

Everyone got a Vision Board in the afternoon that we all sat down and talked about what the future holds. We cut out our future from magazines and started to create what will be in our lives and what our future will hold, or what we will work towards. Some Vision Boards were so creative, we had a really crafty bunch.

Later in the afternoon, we did some Meditation, to go along with the Cleanse Your Mind Workshop. We all sat around the sunken lounge and fire and meditated to a recorded reading from Jason McGrice. This truly was so peaceful and was great to get everything out of our heads.

Saturday slowly came to an end, with our warmed up Night Cap and the documentary That Sugar Film. This is such a powerful documentary to watch and I highly recommend it. It really smacks you in the face and after watching it, you will definitely be making some changes in your life, all for the better!

Sunday morning rolled around and breakfast never smelt better. Eggs, Apple and Cinnamon Muffins, Mixed Berry Muffins, Broccoli and Zucchini Slice, Apples, Bananas, Nuts and cups of tea was on the menu. We also had smoothies that were gifted from Blend Me that were so delicious.

We all took another walk together, one last time to take in all the beautiful sights that Waitpinga had to offer. Everyone then packed up and we all said our Goodbyes. I actually think they were more of a See You Later as I’m sure we’ll cross paths soon enough. We had some amazing people join us on our first ever Retreat and we’ll be forever grateful to them for being part of it.

The journey doesn’t stop here though. Everyone who came along is putting everything that they learned on this Retreat into their daily lives and are changing their habits into healthy ones.

We want to help as many people as we possibly can and inline with this vision, we’re going to be running another Retreat in November 2018! Yep, we’re that crazy about helping you, that we’re holding another one.

So if you missed out on our first ever Retreat or you weren’t aware that we ran one, don’t be upset. Come and join us on our second Retreat. We’d love to see you there!

Love Mr and Mrs B.C.

Check out our Instagram to see all the pictures and videos of the Retreat.