Bodhi Cleanse Retreat

Bodhi Cleanse Retreat

Bodhi Cleanse held it's first ever Retreat and it was a success!
If you want to read all about it, head to the following link
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$10 recycle  voucher

$10 recycle voucher

At Bodhi Cleanse we care about the impact we have on this earth, for this reason we recycle our glass bottles.

So peel the label off your clean, empty bottles and hang on to them. We will text you when we are delivering in your area and if you respond letting us know you've left your bottles out for collection we will swap your bottles for a $10 voucher towards your next cleanse.

Social Media

Social Media

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Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Commonwealth Games Gold Medal Netballer, Renae Ingles and Husband, Pro Basketballer Joe Ingles LOVE Bodhi Cleanse!

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Visit our Naturopath

Visit our Naturopath

All Bodhi Cleanse programs were designed by Adelaide Naturopath Karina Pike of Sowelu. 

For a total health and wellness program make an appointment with Karina today! 
Visit for more on Karina.

About Bodhi Cleanse

Adelaide's Premium Cold Pressed, Organic, Juice Cleanse.
At Bodhi Cleanse we are about juice, cold pressed, organic, glass bottled juice.
But we aren't just about juice, more importantly we are about you and your health, whole body.
At Bodhi Cleanse we use a cold press juicer, here in Adelaide, to make your juice fresh and deliver it straight to your door.

We store our juices in glass bottles, meaning no BPA for you and we then collect your bottles to be reused, leaving less of an impact on our earth.

At Bodhi Cleanse we endeavour to use only organic fruits and vegetables, because why put toxins in when we are trying to cleanse them out? Organically grown fruits and vegetables tend to have higher amounts of precious vitamins and minerals and when these juices are your only source of nutrients, they need to be packed full! If we can’t source something organically or it is in short supply, we will keep you informed.

Quality is also the reason we use a cold pressed juicer, because friction causes heat and heat damages precious vitamins. Quality ingredients and quality equipment leads to the highest quality juices and we truly believe you deserve nothing but the best.

One Day Bodhi Cleanse

The Bodhi Cleanse 1 day cleanse program is a great place to start if you've never done a cleanse before or great to do as regular, healthy body maintenance.
In a 1 day cleanse you will receive 5 cold pressed juices, 1 nut mylk and a fibre blend.
When doing a cleanse these juices, the fibre blend and fresh, filtered water is all you consume.

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Three Day Bodhi Cleanse

This is the most popular Bodhi Cleanse program. In a 3 day cleanse you will receive 15 cold pressed juices and 3 nut mylks.
When doing a cleanse these juices, the fibre blend and fresh, filtered water is all you consume.
We believe that cleansing should happen from the inside out, whole body. This is why you will also receive a fibre blend to be taken daily and a delicious, vegan, cruelty free body scrub.

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Five Day Bodhi Cleanse

This is the deepest of the Bodhi Cleanse programs. In a 5 day cleanse you will receive 2 deliveries. The first delivery will be on a Monday night and will contain 15 cold pressed juices, 3 nut mylks, a fibre blend and a delicious, vegan, cruelty free body scrub. Your second delivery will be the following Wednesday evening and will contain 10 cold pressed juices and 2 nut mylks.
When doing a cleanse these juices, the fibre blend and fresh, filtered water are all you consume.

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Morning Elixir
Green Dream
Heart Beets
Afternoon Delight
Night Cap

How it works


Decide the length of cleanse you would like to do, if you’re not sure how long to cleanse for, have a look at our FAQ’s or CALL US. Once you’ve decided, order your Bodhi Cleanse online and select your delivery date (remember you will need to start your cleanse the day after delivery).
Delivery is FREE within 20kms of the Adelaide CBD and $ 10 for delivery between 20 and 30ks of the Adelaide CBD. If you live outside of this, you will need to arrange for collection.


Cleansing is easy. Simply drink your delicious Bodhi Cleanse Juices in order from 1-6 approximately every 2.5-3 hours, drink plenty of water and have 1 tablespoon of the fibre cleanse once per day. There’s not really a lot more to it, but have a read through our cleansing tips to make sure you get the most out of your cleanse.


Wash your bottles, peel off the labels and hang on to them. We will send you a text when we are next in your area and if you let us know you are leaving them out for us to collect, we will swap your bottles for a voucher for $10 off your next cleanse.


For urgent enquires please phone 0421 649 064